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About "FBPMS": "Freight Bills Process Management System" is an online Portal and is a Product of our company "Maruti 3PL Solutions" which facilitates any company and its C&F / Depot / Branches to process their freight bills on-time and increase efficiency. This is developed by using ASP.Net technology with MS-SQL database support. It helps in Improving Vendor relationships, collecting faster credit, achieving real-time scalability and improving the overall process control.

Advantages In Using this FBPMS Module

Ø   Ensuring Secured Transactions and reducing the Process Cycle times
Ø   Online Portal, can be access from anywhere
Ø   Database is stored in a Secured Server which has SSL certificate (https).
Ø   On-time freight bill processing with 100% accuracy
Ø   Saves time in checking the freight bills by the Central Payment Team
Ø   Will facilitate Real-time Freight Provisioning
Ø   Instead of waiting for the Transporter/courier to submit the bill, Company can generate the freight bill on the close of any calendar month & also for any given period
Ø   Avoid duplicate payments for same Consignment nos
Ø   Clear Definition of ODA Location and its charges (esp. For Courier mode, if any)
Ø   Easy to handle Octroi Payments
Ø   No Excess weight is charged hence no excess payment
Ø   Online Pre-alert dispatch details to the indenters post dispatch of indent
Ø   Central team can have remote control on expenses for PAN India depot operations
Ø  Cost-efficient
Ø   MIS can be taken anytime for current/any year data online