Who we are?

Simplicity is the key. Keep pace with the global transformations can become tiresome without a corporate well wisher who can give you a profitable nudge. An industry can excel if the organisation’s needs are understood well and we house the best of lateral thinkers to put across your software blueprint.

Welcome to Swot Technologies, the place where technology and analytics meet. We respect and welcome every client’s unique requirements and recommend the apt software solution for the company.

Your company’s foundation needs a solid capital, goodwill and talented manpower. You need one more invisible catalyst to stay put when the corporate winds change directions - software solutions can that can view and analyse your past and present business reports and make apt business predictions.

Allow us to become your digital aid and travel alongside your graphs.
A constant space to study your company can help us suggest your next move. A series of correct decisions makes you a pioneer in your industry.

Our softwares are designed to tingle your company’s growth spurts by connecting the hidden dots that can help your business flourish. Witness your business as a third party from a digital spectacle and tweak your administration, marketing and financial system based on what you see.

Assumptions can prove fatal to any business empire; make confident decisions that can help your company in the long run. Sign up with us and enjoy a complete range of software solutions, designed to make a difference.

Why work with us?

This is a place where you can create revolutionary tools and come up with creative ideas and solutions to make the business world a healthy industry. Our training materials are created according to international expectations since our clients are spread worldwide.

This is a place to grow and connect with people like you; work in close quarters with industrial legends and brighten your learning curve.

Our Vision

From our spectacle, we envision a business world comfortable with 360 degree solid virtual assistance. As times change, ideas change and business models change and we wish to ride this industry as a digital solvent that can clear the fog off the future. A thorough financial and sales forecasting is possible with a tool that flashes the truth of the organisation’s current policy.

We believe to stand as the middlemen between the business and the profitable changes that can ensue.